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Ulta Reviews

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  • Alicia at ulta

    One day when I was in ulta this store manager embarrassed me when I wanted to return something. I heard her chanting as she waliked away "buy today return tomorrow". I have also heard her talking badly in front of the store about other customers. I called customer service and reported this issue. I don't know if the confronted her or did anything as I still see her in the store. Someone so unproffesional like that needs to be fired. More...
  • customer service

    I visited your North Olmstead, Ohio store on the first week of December. I went with a few co-workers and my 14 year old daughter. My daughter loves makeup and hair products. She visited a Sephora store the first time over the summer. She does quite a bit of research online and has become very knowledgeable of many products. My daughter started using her love of makeup as a coping mechanism, a suggestion from her counselor, a few years ago and her passion has grown strong. So imagine her joy when we were told a representative for Urban Decay would be in your store the following Friday. She... More...
  • Poor service

    I went in to the salon as I was a regular customer to get my hair colored and cut 3 weeks ago. Not only is my color already fading and the grey hairs are showing, I brought in a picture of how I wanted my layers cut and instead of doing what I asked for must trimmed my face framing layers which I hate and told her that. Now I am forced to find another salon because I paid over 125 and my hair except for being a little shorter is basically the way it was when I first came in there 3 weeks ago More...
  • Massive website issue

    Here is an accounting of my issue with the Ulta website and the conversation with the customer service agent as well as a follow-up email message to Ulta. CONSUMERS -- WATCH OUT -- THIS WEBSITE WILL SEND A CHARGE TO YOUR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION WHILE NOT PLACING YOUR ORDER. Hello, This is an emergency issue. My debit card was just charged 4 times and no order was placed. My account is now in overdraft, and there is no one who can help me in the customer service center. There was a refusal to transfer me to someone who could help get this resolved prior to 3-5 business days. There was... More...
  • False Advertising on Cyber Monday

    This ticket has been resolved or replied to by this company. I ordered a Chi from Ulta on Cyber monday. Their promotion included a free bag of beauty items and coupons for $5 off a bare minerals order and a 20% off Ulta order. These coupons were not included in my order. I contacted customer service and this was the response I received: Thank you for your email regarding the (Spa Beauty Bag)gift with purchase recently featured on our website. We are very sorry that the your red card coupons were not in your bag. Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with new ones or a coupon codes. We’ve learned from the experience and will do a better... More...
  • Texture Wave

    Hi! I had taken an appointment before 2 weeks for consultation on texture wave. They said that I could get a perm done and gave an appointment for a week later for the perm. I rescheduled the the appointment for 3 days later. Was 5 mins late, so they said I need to reschedule again coz it wouldn't give them enough time for the perm as other clients were lined, and gave me an appointment for 4 days later. Today, on my appointment day, they call & tell me that they have a gut feel that they don't have the type of rollers for the perm I need. They again want to consult and tell... More...
  • Salon was horrible!

    The stylists at Ulta messed up my hair color and they were not willing to fix it. They already cut off 5 inches of my hair when all I asked was to get a trim. I called and talked to the manager about my hair color and asking her please to help me fix it. She told me that the stylist that did my hair will call me back when she gets to work and I have not heard a reply at all. My hair color is all wrong and so is my hair cut. I came in with pictures and they promised me excellent work. I didn't receive any of that. Please help! More...
    (Spa Services)
  • poor service, quality, dirty displays

    I have been a huge fan of ULTA for many, many years. What is happening with Bridge Pointe? I have totally given up on your Salon service, extremely poor; did they graduate from Beauty School? How much experience, guidance, further training do they have? All of my friends laugh when I mention Ulta hair salon. It definitely does not add to the high-end experience. I was talked into a "brow wax" the last time I was there. This person talked non-stop; it was especially difficult in that I had to figure out what she was saying due to the language barrier; definitely not... More...
  • Rude, very inappropriate treatment

    Far too much to write here. Please read the review I just posted for details. Basically I was falsely accused of shoplifting, never apologized to by the manager who accused me, and it took 4 full weeks to receive a call back to discuss the incident. I've never been treated so poorly for no reason in my entire life. I was previously a good customer of Ulta but will never return there again. More...
  • Advertising

    On 9/1/11, I received a coupon for 20% off that was good from 8/31/11 to 9/3/11 (both online and in-store). I purchased several items on 8/31/11 and attempted to present the coupon today for my discount. Sales clerk told me the coupon didn’t apply to “prestige” cosmetics. I asked her where the store had identified these products as being “prestige items” and she referred me to her Manager (Maureen Naughton). I again asked to be shown the sign that identified the prestige products. She then produced a plastic plaque from behind the counter covered with... More...
  • Poor Customer Service

    I have a comment about the Ulta located at 12867 N. Tatum Blvd in Phoenix, Arizona. The customer service at this store is extremely poor. Lately, they do not have any person working in the store to help you find an item that you are looking for. They just have one associate working in checkout. In order to find an item that I am looking for, I have to wait in line. They seemed to cut back drastically on the number of employees in the store. More...
  • Kera straightining

    Hi, I went to Ulta at Bloomingdale, IL to get hair straightining and a Hair cut. I was told that Kera straightining is a natural hair straightining treatment and she recommended that it would would suit me and stays for 4 months. I was asked not to wash my Hair for 3 days and only wash with sulfate free shampoo which I brought at Ulta store. I left the saloon with perfect looks and perfect straight hair. After 3 days when I washed my hair it was all gone and back to normal. My hair just looks normal... When I asked abt it the saloonist says its just a smoothing treatment not the hair... More...
  • Salon Service

    I went to Ulta for their new straitening system. First problem: while the stylist was doing my hair she asked the manager for more product because she was running out. The manager told her that she can only give her a little because there was other clients coming in to get the same treatment and she didn’t want to run out (like I wasn’t a paying customer). This product has the worst order and I was told that you can wash your hair immediately after, which I could not wait to do to get the smell out. Second problem: The stylist told me that the cost would be $129 instead I... More...
  • Bad customer service

    I have already writeen to Ulta on their website about what happened. No response till now!!..This is what happened. I saw this $20 haircut& style coupon in the Ulta Flyer in the Sunday newspaper abt 2 weeks back. I called Ulta to get an appointment on a Tuesday. The lady from Ulta tells me to come "tomorrow" at 11:30am. So, obviously tomorrow means Wednesday. When I reach there on Wed at 11:20, the salon employee is with another customer. She takes her own sweet time and finishes with that customer. The other customer is gone and she passes another 20-25 mins telling me that... More...
  • Customer Service training is much needed

    I had a really horrible experience while shopping at the 11850 Pines Boulevard store. It appeared as though they were under staffed; only one sales associate was on the floor assisting close to 3 people. I received no assistance in the make-up department. I approached the store manager on duty regarding the situation and she told me that there's only one sales associate on the floor right now. After 15 minutes of walking around the store, another sales associate stood next to me and I asked her input regarding my selection and she said a few words to me and walked away. I approached... More...
  • Credit card charges

    There are 5 charges to my credit card and no order ever went through. I tried placing an order on ULTA.com on Sunday, 2/14/10 and it came back to the confirm order page and pressed the confirm order a 2nd time to have the same thing happen. There was never an error message. I sent an email out Sunday night asking for help and sent another one out Tuesday morning. I have not gotten a response to either. I called the .com help number and the rep told me that it would take 3 days for the charges to come off. He told me to call customer service which I did and Barbara (customer service)... More...
  • order not complete

    I made an online purchase from Ulta.com - my first of what I anticipated would be regular orders. However when my order arrived (more than 7 days later) it was missing several items - they were on the packing slip, but not in the box. I called customer servicer and was told they could not help me. I sent an email, and never received a response. I had the potential to be a new and loyal customer - If this were my company, I'd be doing whatever I could to win back my business. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • poor service

    or the 2nd time in less than one month, I've had a bad experience with Ulta. Both of my complaints involve the lack of stock of advertised items. The first disappointment came when I went in on a Tuesday evening after the Sunday sales ad came out. SEVERAl advertised items were already out of stock. I was told a truck should be in on Friday, I should return then to see if any of the items came in..... Well guess what???? It happened to me again this week. I went in on Monday morning 8am (holiday hrs) to purchase a few things that were advertised. I was successful with one item,... More...


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