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Ulta Reviews

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  • Ulta. Rude Sales Associates

    My family and I have shopped Ulta for years. Never had any problems until this year. The Ulta in Charlotte has some sales associates that are pretty rude!!! I was shopping one day, had a question And The sales associated rolled her eyes at me and walked away without answering. I contacted corporate and they apologized and the store manager called, said they would look into this and also apologized. My daughter was in the store this week to return unopened makeup. She misplaced her receipt, but had taken a picture of the receipt. She showed it to the cashier and was given a horrible look.... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Dianesk's Picture   Dianesk    0 Comments   Comments
  • Brazzy Hair

    Went to ulta for a full Balayage I asked for ash brown even showed the stylist the picture. I ended up with brassy orange hair my stylist sent me on my way with wet hair so I had no idea it was brassy until i went home. 188 for no style and orange hair I would love to get my money back I will be calling Corporate in the morning. More...
    (Spa Services)
    jring1010's Picture   jring1010    0 Comments   Comments

    1st Visit- No assistance. Finally I was able to track down an employee who then had no idea were the items were... I finally found it myself. 2nd Visit- No one at the front counter to assist..anyone with anything. Manager was busy standing in the front entrance laughing and talking to someone about what happened down the street. I finally went outside and asked for some assistance. Ask about cost of salon services, an employee was called and I asked her about the services she then proceeded to has me if I was "ethnic" or did I have "ethnic hair". UNREAL. I WILL NEVER... More...
    Cosmetics12's Picture   Cosmetics12    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ulta salons in Anchorage AK

    Got my hair cut from salon/manager Harry. He made me wait forever to get my hair cut. It was nice of them to give me a free hairwash because they made me wait. Didn't thought it was super long so I agree. After that they made me wait longer and when is my turn he cut my long healthy hair to a super short dora hair style. I told him I want a big bob hair and even showed him the pictue before he cut my hair. Still he is a good manipulator, I thought it was nice but not the hairstyle I want. Long bob is hair style Imanager Harry tell his employee to set me another appointment from want.... More...
    jxyooj's Picture   jxyooj    0 Comments   Comments
  • Defected product/ Who can respect a company who cant stick to their word??

    My boyfriend ordered me a CHI iron from ulta which was defected since it burned my face after the first time I used it. I gave ulta a call and they sent me a return label and did not even offer anything but a measley 5$ giftcard after I practically begged. Then My boyfriend called and spoke to a so called "manager" who gave him a 10$ off coupon. The call got disconnected so I called back a few days later and they said I declined it and then only offered the 5$ giftcard again. And did not stick to their word of 10$ so I told them I would not be ordering anymore and the rude... More...
    A1b2c3d4e5's Picture   A1b2c3d4e5    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terre Haute, Indiana Ulta thinks I steal

    Every time that I go into Ulta, whether I'm with friends or not, there is a certain sales person that follows us through the store. When we were testing lipsticks she started yelling, "Are those testers?!". Obviously. Why would we destroy the packaging on other products? We just politely said yes and she walked away. A different time, I waited while she helped another customer. When she was done helping her, the sales person looked at me, then turned away as if I wasn't worth helping. A third time that I was offended is because I bought something clearly marked with a... More...
    Saral's Picture   Saral    0 Comments   Comments
  • somebody did not remove clearance tags

    My daughter and I went in to Ulta to purchase a few things, nevertheless, two of the items we had picked out had a clearance tag of buy one at regular price and get the other 1/2 off, after noticing the cashier scan the 2nd item at regular price, I said, their is a clearance tag on this item, when you buy the first at full price, she said that was yesterdays sale, its not good today (Sunday), so why have all the merchandise clearance priced, but not give the discount? Mind you, I read the description to the 1/2 off tag correctly over and over, I have worked retail, and I know that we would... More...
    envy1970's Picture   envy1970    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ulta Horrible Customer Service

    I sat outside the Ulta at Valleyview mall while my daughter and a few friends, all age 15, went into the new ulta to look around. My daughter told me once they entered the store a very pestering employee kept following them around throughout the entire store. The employee asked multiple times if the girls needed help, but since the kids were just looking they said no politely. The employee glared at the kids and acted very prejudiced. She made them feel inferior. The thing though that embarrassed them the most was being asked to remove all items from their pockets and purses right in the... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    kjohnson's Picture   kjohnson    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible costumer service

    Both ultas near me have such horrible costumer service. They never help me. And they never know the answers to my questions. I would think if you worked in a place constantly surrounded by beauty products you'd know a thing or two. I only go in there to by NYX and Lorac I can't stand trying to talk to the people there. Something needs to be said. Everyone is always so rude and always look like they are too good to answer questions. More...
    Yaquimora's Picture   Yaquimora    0 Comments   Comments
  • horrible haircut at ulta

    Ulta completely ruined my hair. First let me say I have curly hair. All I wanted was a few inches off the bottom, however with pressure from my mother and the styalist I proceeded in going with a full "afro" thing. Mind you my confidence and self esteem was already at an all time low, my mother nor I, her having straight/wavy hair and me being so young, new how to take care of my curly hair. I was told by the styalist that she new what she was doing and that everything would be fine. By the time I get home my hair is choppy and poorly layered ( which come to fined out was thinned)... More...
    MutantKids's Picture   MutantKids    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ultra.com WORST Customer Service EVER!!!!!!!!

    Placed order on Dec. 1st. received someone else's order 2 weeks later. Called immediately. Was told order would be over nighted. Did not receive. Called back and insisted on receiving in time for Christmas. Was told they would try and was given a gift card via email. Package did not arrive until NewYears Eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 31 days after ordering. The packing slip does not reflect the entire order, and even what was on packing list was not entirely included in box. You wait for hours to speak to a human. (On hold now) . I,ve tried the website and no one emails back. My credit card... More...
    Lsg2007's Picture   Lsg2007    0 Comments   Comments
  • Beware of Alicia at Ulta!

    Alicia is a floor manager that has the nerve to talk about customers behind their back for everyone to hear and when I tried to return something she told me I am allowed up to 5 returns or I will be cut from store. I called up customer service and they said that was complete nonsence. She also yells at all the girls working there. She is so unproffesional. DOn't know who hired her but beware or she will be embarrasing and talking about you. CAN'T STAND THE LOOK ON HER FACE. LIKE SHE'S MAD AT THE WORLD. More...
    zumbadancer75's Picture   zumbadancer75    0 Comments   Comments
  • Awful, frustrating return process

    I would just like to say how ridiculous and irritating returning something in your store is! I bought 2 things online that I went to return in store on a Sunday, after 10 minuets of them trying to pull up the transaction from my Ulta rewards when I told them I did not use my reward card, they then told me that they would not be able to do the return because the paper I brought along was not the receipt, but instead the packing slip. I think it is beyond stupid that you do not include a PAPER receipt in the box. Instead you email the confirmation and that has to be used as the receipt to... More...
    ksmiles11's Picture   ksmiles11    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ulta.com - The worst customer service I have EVER experienced!

    I placed an online order for makeup on the 10th that I needed before leaving town on the 19th. On the 16th, I received an email stating that my order had not yet been processed but that I would receive it by the 24th. There website states: ULTA Processing Time Orders received by 12PM CST (Monday-Friday) are typically processed the same day. Orders received after 12PM CST or on Saturday and Sunday are normally processed the next business day. So, it takes them four business days to email me to say that my order still has not been processed! This was frustrating, but I was willing to be... More...
    robynjks's Picture   robynjks    1 Comments   Comments
  • did not receive my product.

    i order NYX coperhager and transelvaniya and i purchased this as a guess did not sign in for and email so i did not get a tracking number. After almost a weeks wait i emailed them twice i did not get a reply and i called them waited for half an hour on the phone and know one picked up. i called again the next day and still know one answered. this is the worst customer service i have ever gone through. i recommend no one to order from ulta. and if i don't get my product i will sue your company!! More...
    shah1's Picture   shah1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ulta Horrible shipping with broken products

    November 28th, 6am I excitedly ordered my twin daughters their first make-up sets, to be given as a Christmas gift. December 11, package finally arrived. Box destroyed. Very, very, poor packaging from inside and out. Box was at least 3 times too big, an extremely tiny piece of bubble wrap inside (not even enough to cover one of the gift sets. Gift sets were half open, broken make up within the set. Even their included catalog was partially wet and all the pages stuck together. Beware. More...
    eamutair's Picture   eamutair    0 Comments   Comments
  • 2014 Cyber Monday is disappointing

    I placed an order on November 30th, and I just received an email on December 3rd that I won't even receive a tracking number until this weekend that will show when I will receive my order. I am leaving town on December 11th , and I needed those items for my trip. I also don't want my makeup sitting in a cold mailbox while I am gone. The rep I spoke to was very nice and apologetic, and she put me on hold to see what she could do to help. She was told that due to high volume on Cyber Monday that there is nothing Ulta can do, and I cannot cancel my order even though it has been... More...
    Oregonaggie's Picture   Oregonaggie    1 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible place to work!!

    So I got hired when Ulta was opening a new store in my town, they promised me a part time job with between 15-25 hours a week. Well that was complete bullshit! Yea the first 2 1/2 weeks I had plenty of hours because I was helping open the store, but as soon as the store opened my hoirs got cut to 1 5 hour day A WEEK! The managers were all clueless to how to run a store! So after asking multiple times if I could please get a few more hours I was taken off the schedule completely! All I heard was unkept promises about he I'd be getting more hours but never did! This place is a total joke... More...
    UltaSucks's Picture   UltaSucks    2 Comments   Comments
  • Keratin treatment at Ulta complaint

    I received a keratin treatment at Ulta a month before my sisters wedding. I was assured that it would make my hair look healthier. I spent over2 hours at the salon and paid over $200 because the salon manager told me they could only "guarantee" the results if I purchased the Kerastraight shampoo and conditioner, so I did. After receiving the treatment my hair started coming out in clumps every time I washed or brushed it. It became so thin and unhealthy I had to buy temporary extensions to wear on a regular basis, especially for my sisters wedding. The most frustrating part is... More...
    Laurenc's Picture   Laurenc    0 Comments   Comments
  • on respect,teamwork and winning as one

    I got let go by ulta after 8 plus years of service.i like to come in and get started right after our startup meeting,............but I cant because it takes me anywhere from 5-20 mins. to find my truck,you see im an equipment driver.i reported this problem to upper management and they said"I WILL LOOK INTO IT".so four weeks later the problem is still going on,this is giving me a lot of downtime which would reflect my raise.but when I did find my truck is was full of used sunflower seed,used tissue,and candywrappers from 3rd shiftso on my truck log in sheet I put teamwork,win... More...
    THATONEGUY's Picture   THATONEGUY    0 Comments   Comments
  • ULTA Terrible Service from Ulta.com

    First and LAST time to order from ulta.com website. Box was: 1. very overdue on delivery date, 2. very beat up/torn, 3. contained 2 dented, greasy used bottles of a product I did NOT order, 4. was MISSING 2 items I DID order. Upon calling "customer service" -- and this is a VERY misrepresented department title -- I was treated rudely, uncaringly and argumentatively. Was told a supervisor would call me back that evening. A "supervisor" -- again, I use this term loosely -- called me 3 days later and would NOT expedite my order of missing items! Then when I told him I just... More...
    vann1girl's Picture   vann1girl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Asked to apply for Christmas help.

    I went to ulta in Riverdale UT yesterday 11-10-2014, to shop and apply for a seasonal Christmas job. The girl I spoke to was a sales associate was very sweet and kind enough to ask her manager standing 3 feet away. I her manager responded that yes! Indeed they did need help and were looking. When I asked, how I can apply. she responded very rude, snotty and made me feel like a second hand citizen. I am young, fashionable, up to date with fashion. I passed up a job with sephora. Because I shop at ulta. I I spend at a minimum $400 a month there. Her tone and response was insulting and I... More...
    Kaya2014's Picture   Kaya2014    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ulta Horrible Overall Service Salon

    TO WHOM EVER MIGHT ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THEIR CLIENTELE: On Saturday, September 27th, I dealt with the worst service while trying to obtain a simple haircut and color from your represented company, Ulta. This is the second time I choose Ulta for the doing of my hair. After my first pleasant experience, I decided to go back and give it another try. What a BIG mistake! Let me begin with your internet services that are far from being precise. I decided to plan 3 days in advance and set an appointment online. The appointment confirmation was soon after emailed to me for Saturday 12 pm at... More...
    Irisloved's Picture   Irisloved    1 Comments   Comments
  • free philospy facial

    when i was in Ulta last week they offered me a free facial. I signed up. My appt was saturday at 2 and 230. They called friday to make sure I was still coming. I arrived at 2 only to have 4 people standing in line, there was no check or sense of organization. When asked i told they would be with me at some point. The philosy girls were very rude. I walked out without a facial and i will never go back to the Ulta at Keystone at the crossing again. Looks like the free facial cost you business More...
    5phants's Picture   5phants    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ulta: no more

    The Ulta in Brentwood, Missouri has a Prestige cosmetics manager who was incredibly rude and accused me of basicly stealing and fraud. I am an Ulta Platinum member and I was offended to be treated like this. Her name was Sarah or Sara. Never will I return to that Ulta.. The only reason I will even still buy from Ulta is because they sell It Cosmetics. More...
    Sarahjenn's Picture   Sarahjenn    0 Comments   Comments
  • When Hair Dying Goes Wrong

    Used to enjoy going to Ulta for my beauty supply needs and decided to give the salon a try as well. Unfortunately, I had a terrible experience with the hairstylist at the Pearland, TX location. I told her I wanted to lighten my hair for the summer but ended up leaving with a much darker color than I walked in with. Very disappointing experiencing. It's not easy to do hair and I definitely do not recommend Candyce for ethnic hair. More...
    LizzyM5491's Picture   LizzyM5491    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ulta: rude salesperson

    I have frequented Ulta for years. There is one employee at the Brodie location in Austin that is consistantly rude. I thought for the first few times when James took care of my purchases, he was just having a bad day or something. Hey, everyone has a bad day! He continously displays dismissive, rude behavior. Poor eye contact, ignores verbal interchange, and looks off in the distance as if he can't wait for you to leave, I am going to change my Ulta location that I shop. I have never had treatment like that from any other employee there. Have had great, friendly service from... More...
    claire33's Picture   claire33    0 Comments   Comments

    I am very disappointed with the customer service at Ulta.com. On Friday I went to their store in Winter Park FL to purchase the Pur Minerals Primer they had on a BOGO sale. They were out of the one that I use so I decided to purchase online. Friday afternoon I attempted to place an order and it said there was a problem with the credit card. I had just used the credit card with no problem and knew I wasn%u2019t anywhere near my limit so double checked all my entries. Everything was correct, after trying a couple more times I tried to use another credit card, and received the same... More...
    kmurphy24's Picture   kmurphy24    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Service

    I ordered from Ulta.com instead of going to the store because I was working long hours at work and thought it would be convenient. Couldn't have been more wrong. I never got my order, they never answered my emails, and when I called a second time and asked to talk to a supervisor, I was told no. A supervisor might call me back in the next 48 hours. I'm hoping they will refund my money, but since their representative told me it was UPS's "fault" that my package was damaged, I'm not sure they will. Never again. More...
    jde419's Picture   jde419    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible experience

    I went to the ultra salon in mt plesant South Carolina. It was by far the worst experience of my life. The girl I talked to instructed the girl doing my hair to dye it instead of outing bleach in it because I wanted to go a medium to dark blonde. My hair turned out bright orange and they charged me an extra $20 to put some Toner in it because they messed up. My hair is bright orange and when I went in to get my money back the salon manager was horribly rude. I would never come back after that experience and I will be sure to inform anyone who's looking into their salon to not come... More...
    (Spa Services)
  • Ulta Never Again

    I have a pretty frizzy tightly curled afro and I heard about the KeraStraight service offered at the Ulta salon in Midland TX. I called the salon and asked about the treatment. I spoke to a gentleman about the treatment and emphasized my hair type and texture. I asked him several times if the treatment would reduce my frizz and make my hair more manageable and he said it would. I made it clear i wanted to retain my curls but lose the frizz. I also asked him if the woman who did these treatments would be comfortable with my hair saying i'd rather not go there and waste my time and he... More...
    minimoe's Picture   minimoe    1 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Customer Service

    I have never had good service at Ulta. The so-called beauty advisors are anything but, and know nothing about the products or about beauty. They are always huddled together engaged in a conversation and make you feel as though you are an inconvenience. I just left there this evening, and swore that this will be the last time that I step foot in this store EVER. More...
    DJWright1's Picture   DJWright1    1 Comments   Comments

    I have just had the worst experience at the above salon. I requested a Brazilian hot wax but ended up coming out with half a job with bruises and sores. I had to go to another beauty place for them to finish the job. I have been waxing for 10 years and I have never ever had this problem before. The lady at the 2nd wax place said she has never seen such bad sores. The wax took 1 hour. I had to ask the lady to stop as I was in so much pain plus she was doing such a bad job. I now have had to have a full hollywood and a pot of Aloe Vera to try and sooth my poor skin. I asked to speak to... More...
    bgilmore87's Picture   bgilmore87    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible management

    The managers, Kristen and Katelyn, are two of the the most incompetent people I've ever met. First off, they work in the beauty industry and look horrific. Their outward ugliness reflects their general attitudes as well. Kristi has fried blonde hair with skin only a mother could love. You would think being the manager of a store would maybe away her to put on a little makeup. Katelyn prides herself on being the GM and that she's worked there since she was 16. It doesn't surprise me, she is also quite unnatractive with HORRIBLE skin AND hair, and her attitude makes her even... More...
    LindaRog61's Picture   LindaRog61    0 Comments   Comments
  • Salon

    I had a wonderful facial at the Hammond, LA "Ulta"! I had my hair color after my facial. My hair turned out nice. I've had the conversation that my stylist had with me on my mind. I was offended because she brought up porn with the employee next to us. She discussed her last vacation. I told her I don't look at porn, it's offensive and disgusting. She asked me why. I told her I'm a Christian, the Bible says we should not lust towards others. What has really bothered me is that they laughed, ordered me to tell them where that is in the Bible, chastised my... More...
    maxwell4184's Picture   maxwell4184    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stylist that don't know color

    I looked up Ulta salons because I have had hair nightmares before.. And I wanted to go in prepared with a color and cut I wanted. I took in pictures, the stylist founded like he knew what he was doing.. I went in with a similar shade to the picture I wanted done.Minus the gray and I also wanted highlights. The color I wanted was warm. The color that I have is an ashy, ugly brown black color with horrible highlights! I left the salon in tears.. My family asked me what happened to my hair, my friend said it was an ugly color and she is right! It us ugly and the cut is uneven!! Hate it!! It... More...
    AimeeCLara's Picture   AimeeCLara    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ulta Online Order Disaster

    I am so disappointed in Ulta after my last online order. It has been 3 months after I placed it and I never received my products OR my refund. I could never get a straight answer. I went round and round with customer service. One email said they delivered it, another said they didn't. One email said they "sent me a gift card" then when I checked on it, they said they didn't send a gift card. Another email said they are refunding me my money. When I checked on it, they said no they hadn't. WTH? It's pretty simple, they received my order back in their... More...
    Treekirk02's Picture   Treekirk02    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ulta Salon = Dirty, unprofessional, unskilled, and dishonest.

    I was lied to about the price when I made an appointment and was scheduled with a stylist who charged 2x what the advertised price was. My stylist was an hour late for my appointment. She did not clarify what I wanted and I entered as a blonde and left as a DARK ASH?BLACK that cannot be reversed without serious damage and time. I am now going on vacation looking gothic. The stylist had only been graduated from school a year or two and should not be allowed to do hair and charge $240 for a $60 job. The chair, desk, floors, drawers and equipment were ALL dirty with hair, old product, and... More...
    greenmegan's Picture   greenmegan    1 Comments   Comments
  • Ulta.com

    Be AWARE...I placed order on 1/11/14 for 3 cans of hairspray day 12 and they have still not arrived ...called and was given every excuse in the book...from ups can't ship areosol so it went through USPS but they state on there web site ground shipping 3-8 days...what a crook..will never order from ULTA on line ever again... More...
    ccinmiami's Picture   ccinmiami    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ulta Salon Ruined My Scalp & hair

    The ULTA salon on Opelika Alabama is awful. It is dirty, the staff does not know how to color or cut hair and they took no responsibility for the damage caused the caused. My scalp was burned and my hair was green ,yellow and orange when I left the salon. I called the Corporate office and then I called the Regional Manager 3 times. She never returned my call. Totally unprofessional! I was told to return a month later to have the Salon manager "fix it". her fix was to bleach it ....that's it! Really - that's their repair? Making my experience more miserable than it... More...
    hdak's Picture   hdak    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ulta Kennesaw, Ga

    The ulta on Barrett pkwy in kennesaw, ga does not give each customer the same attention. I have walked in several times and received no greeting unlike nearly every other customer in the store. Not sure why there is more favorable customer service for certain people but this is something that makes me choose Sephora over Ulta. Not to mention, they're always out of stock of the same products. I recommend giving equal customer service to each customer. Note to customer: if going into this location look like you're buying something or you'll get unsatisfactory customer service More...
    Nbhatia2's Picture   Nbhatia2    2 Comments   Comments
  • Email review surprise killer...

    Over this holiday season my boyfriend went to ulta and purchased a clarisonic for me for christmas. ( Nicegift!) While ay checkout the cashier asked for my info so i could get the points on my ulta rewards card...nice! Except for the fact that I got an email two days before christmas to review the purchase that I made. Total surprise killer...they might not want to send out those emails until after the holiday season. Just a thought. I wonder how many other surprises were ruined. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    MContreras's Picture   MContreras    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Customer Service

    I am a frequent customer at my local ULTA. I was looking to see if ULTA had a lip plumper. I had to wait almost five minutes to wait for the three cashiers to stop gossiping and acknowledge me. I asked if there was a lip plumper in ULTA brand, and they proceeded to all laugh in my face. I consider ULTA my ultimate toy store, as I am learning to become a makeup stylist. I will now take my business elsewhere. The worst part, the lady who I asked for help was a manager. More...
    Macy's Picture   Macy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ulta Store-Poor stocking trashed store

    I am complaining about the Ulta store in Sterling Heights Michigan. Every time I go to this store (and it's not a short distance from where I live), whatever I am usually looking for I do not find, the store is out of it. Items are usually open,unpackaged,and have been tried when they aren't testers. Products are not in their place, store is not clean, many products are very understocked. If this doesn't change as soon as possible, i shall take my business elsewhere. More...
    nadcock's Picture   nadcock    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Salon Service keratin treatment

    TERRIBLE SERVICE EXPERIENCE!!!! I made an appointment for a Keratin Treatment one day that I stopped by ULTA store in Evansville, IN. The lady told me that the keratin treatment for the all hair costs $159 and I told her that I only wanted my bang. She told me that it was going to cost me $53 so I accepted and I made the appointment. The day of the appointment which was today I told the salon lady that the lady who made the appointment told me that it was going to cost me $53. She called somebody else and this new lady told me that the treatment for all hair was going to cost me $159... More...
    vmmuar's Picture   vmmuar    0 Comments   Comments
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